Livigno is a town in Valtellina. The country stretches along the road that runs for more than 15 km the entire valley through which the River Spöl (formerly known as Aqua Granda) which conveys its waters towards the Eno (Inn) and from there to the Danube. Livigno is therefore one of Italian municipalities not belonging to Italian river basins. This peculiar situation in the country, a tributary to the Danube Basin, the Italian, according to the Belgrade Convention of 1948, has the right to participate in international conferences on the navigation of the Danube and the boats do not pay Italian navigation rights including up to the Black Sea. The Spöl flows for half of its initial stretch in the Val di Livigno and for the other half runs in the Engadine, Switzerland. The dangerous passage Spoel in a valley very narrow, steep and precipitous between the two sides, the upper and the lower, historically it has been access to the valley of Livigno difficult journey, explains the relative isolation of the Val di Livigno has undergone in the past. The other two accesses are mountain passes at high altitudes.

Its territory including the village of Trepalle, which develops up to 2250 meters above sea level This share makes it the highest permanently inhabited Europe and one of the coldest Italian places. The climate of Livigno is kind of far mountain, with long, harsh winters and short, cool summers. During cold spells more intense, the temperature can fall down to -28 ° during the hottest summer days the temperature is an average of +23 ° / +24 °.

The Meteorological Centre Lombardo, one at a Forcola Teola in the locality. Another weather station is located in the village of Trepalle.

It can be reached from the rest of the national territory from the Valtellina through Foscagno, (normally kept open all year), along the State Road 301 Foscagno, or from Switzerland via the Forcola di Livigno through the Valley of Poschiavo (passable only in summer). Access to the valley is possible through the road tunnel Munt La Schera, Engadine. The tunnel is about 3.5 km long single-lane (alternating one-way), pay the toll. The tunnel connects the low and high Spoel avoiding the impassable stretch of the stream.

Livigno (SO) 1810m - 2800m (Lombardia) Livigno Lombardy is one of the most beautiful and famous. Due to the harsh climate the snow stays until late in the season and you keep getting powdery and soft, then if the natural one is missing, the number of artificial snow cannons are ready to prepare a solid ground on the slopes. However, skiers do not suffer from the cold thanks to the new indoor facilities (chair lifts and cable cars with automatic coupling). The town lies in a small valley, while the tracks are placed along the slopes that surround it. Unfortunately, there are two areas separate, albeit with the same ski pass and very close together, are not yet connected. Speculation in the country has known bitter enemies, so that the houses are adapted to all mountain landscape: there are the ugly "barracks", common in ski resorts.

The province of Sondrio is in the Lombardy region and is characterized by a varied landscape. The panoramic view on top of the range or the Forni glacier is very impressive. The many vineyards and idyllic surroundings invite you to a romantic stroll in the lovely winter landscape. Numerous nature reserves guarantee an untouched nature. Particularly lovely is the Stelvio National Park. Here in the shadow of Mount Ortler and 's ski area \ "Alta Valtellina \" meet the 3 valleys: Valdidentro, Valfurva and Bormio. For those seeking sport for those seeking culture, shopping or relaxation, here everyone can find what they are looking! Livigno - the snow paradise and shopping!

Livigno is located on the sunny slopes of Lombardy, not far from St. Moritz. The popular ski resort is particularly snowy 1,816 m and has been the host of several trials of the World Cup, but Livigno is also known abroad to be a duty free shopping paradise. The ski runs are always the best jokes immense el snowpark offers everything a snowboarder could wish for. After a day of skiing, nothing better than an après-ski in one of the many shelters or duty free shopping in the many shops in the area. The resort of Trepalle (1900-2250 m) is the highest permanently inhabited settlement of Europe. The wooden houses characterize the image of the place, and its location on the southern side of the Alps guarantees among other things lots of sun. In the free trade area (port) in Livigno you can buy perfume, alcohol and cigarettes (import restriction) exempt from VAT charges, but also clothes, watches, cameras and save up to 40% on gasoline! The prices are affordable even on the slopes. That is, many holidays for little money!